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Faux LED Neon Signs

Replicating the appearance of traditional neon, fake neon or faux neon is a safer, more robust system and is virtually maintenance free. Faux neon range is manufactured from block acrylic providing a studier alternative to fragile, glass neon. With thermally managed LEDs the faux neon system runs cool to the touch, making the illuminated signage ideal for low level installation.


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Fill out the inquiry form on our website with your exact specifications for your custom neon sign. Our team will get back to you with further information within the next 24 hours. Click here to fill out the form.

Production Stage

Once we finish ironing out the final details of your custom design, we will immediately start working on your hand-crafted neon sign tailored to your exact specifications. Our promise is to build all signs with great love and care.

Ready to Ship

That’s it, your Custom LED Neon Sign order is on its way! Please allow up to 2-3 weeks for your custom neon sign(s) to reach your destination. Congratulations, you’ve just added an amazing touch of character to your space!

Multiple Colours & Effects


A rainbow of glowing colors is available thanks to translucent vinyl wrapped around glowing white LEDs. The stroke width of these faux neon letters can range from 12 to 15mm wide.



A faux neon sign, with a neon-style structure lit by LEDs, allows for a more versatile, less expensive, and safer alternative that preserves the look and feel of classic neon signage.

Easy Fitting

Easy to install, and uses less power while giving off less heat. Coupled with the nearly eliminated ongoing cost of maintenance⁠—with LEDs only requiring replacement after over a decade

Fast Turnaround

Fast Turnaround Red

Custom LED Neon Signs are handmade so there is production time on each order. 2-3 weeks is the maximum turnaround time and most customers receive their order within 2 weeks.

Custom LED Neon Advantages

Innovation on your wall

Neon lights are seen in virtually every major community, usually in the front window of a store. They are popular and widespread. Neon signs are basically tubes filled with neon and/or other types of gas. Once electricity is added, the gas produces a bright light. The tubes in which the gases are placed can be bent and shaped to spell words or make designs. But what are the actual advantages of neon over traditional lighting?

Purchase Price

The initial pricing of neon and LED lights is comparable, although LED signs may be slightly cheaper.

Power Usage

Neon bulbs need 15,000 volts to run while custom Faux Neon Sign LEDs need just 24 volts.


LED Faux Neon signs are almost maintenance free and have dramatically lower running costs.


Custom Faux Neon LED lights are brighter and can be seen from a greater distance.


Faux Neon LED’s are shock proof and have very little heat emitted, which makes them absolutely safe to use.


They are reliable and can operate 24 hours a day to better serve your business.

CREATE Impactful Signage

The premium manufactured, LED faux neon signage is made to bespoke specifications and can accommodate a range of client requirements from complex graphic shapes for brand logos to tradition, neon lettering replications for corporate identity.

SS Logo Acrylic

Unlimited Design Possibilities

faux neon signage is extremely versatile and can be manufactured in a variety of style options including, chiselled, flat faced or bull nose.

The LED faux neon can be manufactured with a range of finishes which include, vinyl coating or paint and can be created with a high polished finished to mirror the appearance of traditional neon glass.

Product Materials

Embedded with low voltage LEDs, the faux neon range can be manufactured with a choice of illumination styles as well as LED colour options and effects including, colour changing to create striking illuminated signage.

Neon Effect

Aluminum Neon Frame

Aluminum Frame LED Bulb

Aluminum Frame Back Lit

Pure Acrylic Back Lit

Aluminum Frame Half Side Lit

Pure Acrylic Half Side Lit

Full Side Lit

Front and Back Lit

Front and Side Lit

Aluminum Front Lit

Pure Acrylic Front Lit

Valis Logo Spec Sheet

Spec Sheet

Vivid - Architectural - Lettering -Illuminated - Signage

Valis Installation guide

Installation Guide

• Custom Made with a 3-5 Week Lead Time • Available in Pantone, NCS or RAL Colors • Highest Grade Sourced Raw Materials • Available for Interior & Exterior Use • Static and Dynamic Color Engines • UL Listed, CE compliant • 3 Year Warranty